So where do we start? It seems like we had been on this journey of buying a house forever and we kept hitting dead ends. While we were living in Seattle we fell in love with so many neighborhoods but ultimately couldn’t afford anything … like not even a bedroom in a house let alone a whole house. This lead us to talking about moving back home where things were more affordable and we would have a family support system again for us and our two little ladies. Ultimately we went through years of looking and waiting for the right time and right home and things just never seemed to work out. Whether it be timing with Nate’s job or loan approval falling through it was clear it wasn’t our time to move.

I was trying to convince myself I needed to be content in our current situation and that now is just not the right time, but I’m real impatient! One particularly frustrating day I was praying and complaining to God. I wondered if my desire to design our dream home was maybe just too superficial and selfish and that was why things weren’t working out for us. That day He reminded me that we are creative because God is creative and that he cares about the little things and the desires of our hearts. Even if they seem silly or trivial to me that doesn’t mean He doesn’t have a bigger and better plan than I do. The word “refuge” stood out to me as His promise for our future. A home is a place of comfort, stability and warmth not only for our family but those we invite into our home. After that day I felt at peace waiting knowing God had this under control and I could trust Him.

Things definitely didn’t fall into place immediately. But now here we are in our dream home, or um soon to be dream home 😉 and seeing the perfect timing in it all. Welcome to our new pad!

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