You may have noticed that I have a bit of a rug obsession. I am always playing musical rugs in our house to switch things up when I’m in need of a refresh. I think our living room has had 5 different rugs in 3 years. You could say rug obsession reached problem! Last Spring I decided to do a major reset and purged all of our rugs except for one 😬. Since then I have been trying to be much more purposeful before purchasing anything new. My main goals are quality, longevity and flexibility as you know I like to move things around!

Lately I have been feeling the need to address our catch-all, hot mess of an office. I think we all have that room right? Don’t know where it goes? Throw it in the office! Honestly it is trying to fill too many boxes while we wait to renovate our basement, but it has become almost unusable. So I have decided to purge and prioritize to: office for Nate and I, music room and kid hangout. With so many things going on, I figured a rug was finally necessary to pull everything together and cozy up the space.

office with rug

I had been exhausting the search for months until I finally found the perfect little gem from Revival Rugs! Meet our rug Ilma! 😊I was so excited to try Revival because I know so many friends and co-workers that rave about their rugs. Each rug is one-of-a-kind and even has their own name! Sometimes I get burnt out on seeing so much of the same rug everywhere else that I no longer love it in my own space. I also can’t get enough of their color selection. This rug is the perfect muted peachy color that I have not been able to find anywhere else! Not to mention all the burnt orange options I was drooling over as well. That is not an easy color to find!

In all my rug hoarding I have never owned a vintage rug surprisingly. They are so beautiful but I have always been scared off by the prices. Revival is all about vintage and hand made rugs that are AFFORDABLE 🙌🙌 Each rug is labeled where they were made, this little guy was handwoven and knotted in Isparta, Turkey.

rug detail

They had so many great geometric patterns as well as muted patterns but I had my heart set on something that would be really versatile if I was feeling the need to refresh! Even though it is a solid color it has a really great texture to it, not to mention those great worn-in elements and mending. This rug has a history! Not to mention it will hold it’s value because it is so well made and has held up throughout the years!

I’m loving how the room has come together, now the real test will be how long it stays this way. I expect a kid hurricane to destroy it in a couple days but we will see. I’m hoping to be doing lots of my new obsession in here, weaving! 🤩

Revival Rugs is also offering a 10% discount using the code HELLOREFUGE10 just in case you fall in love with anything like I did! 😆

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