I can’t tell you how long I have waited to paint a house black! I have adored black houses for years, for some reason I am always drawn to them. The first thing we had to do to our house before even getting to MN was to re-side it and pick a paint color. So of course, duh, black!

There are a million different colors of black and even though we are both designers we don’t have the best track record for picking out paint colors 😬. I decided to research my fav inspiration home on Pinterest and sure enough they had listed the paint color they used. It is Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron. I’m finding this to be my go to. When in doubt, do a paint color search on Pinterest. It will give you a good idea of what the paint color looks like on different mediums and in different light. This definitely doesn’t negate just starting with a swatch once you decide but its a great place to start.

We were a bit nervous about having the house painted without us being there (we were still living in Seattle when the house was painted) but we LOVE how it turned out! It is a really nice soft black with a tint of navy blue. We still have a ways to go with exterior lights, doors and trying to add a little color but we will get there. We have definitely had a lot of people slow rolling by our house in their car, they might be in shock haha! But we love it😊. We were also able to do our mailbox and house numbers before the cold weather hit because I just couldn’t wait. I had a hard time narrowing down the mailbox so I will have to show you my top picks another time 🙂

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