So… dressers are expensive… 😖 I’m sure you already knew that but as we started our search to replace our kids’ dresser I was so overwhelmed! Their dresser has been falling apart for a couple years now but we kept hammering bent tracks back into place and popping the bottom back in. I have been searching and searching for an affordable kids dresser. I thought about just forking out the cash to buy something that will last but they are also kids and are probably going to destroy it. I had finally narrowed down my search just in time for the bottom to completely fall out of their drawer! I found a decently priced mid century dresser in the stain that would match their room and decided to show my oldest daughter. In about a second she nixed it, didn’t like it, it wasn’t pink 😳

Now, I am not the biggest fan of pink. I have come to embrace it because I have 2 little girls that adore pink, but a dresser?! Since moving into our house my 7 year old has had all sorts of opinions about how her room should look, my 4 year old could care less. Of course she sees us designing the rest of the house and is starting to show her own creativity and wants to express it in her room. I mean you can’t crush that right? So instead we decided to collaborate!

We started with finding a pink that we both liked. Luckily I had seen one from Land of Nod not too long ago that I liked and decided to color match it for our paint. After several hours on Pinterest I decided on the IKEA Tarva dresser.

We could do some simple tweaking to the legs to give us the clean mid century lines that fit with our house. I found this great tutorial by Sarah Sherman Samuel that gives you the list of materials and step by step instructions on how to do it. It really is crazy how much just changing the legs makes it into a whole new dresser. I’m not going to lie, we had my brother in law do the cutting for us because we are not handy at all and we have no tools 😬 But I did do the measuring! That counts for something right?

We chose to switch out the knobs to add some brass and pick up on the brass accents in the rest of the room. I actually stole them from another dresser in our master bedroom that I had upgraded last year 😂 Gotta do what you gotta do to stay on budget! I will replace them at a later date, they are from Amazon, you can buy them individually or you can get a deal by buying a 10 pack.

West Elm Basket / Target Stool / IKEA Sheepskin Amazon knobs

Target Faux Succulent / Target Basket / Wooden Blocks

The girls room is finally feeling finished which is always a relief to check something off the list! I’m also really glad we decided to collaborate on a solution together instead of me just doing what I wanted. I think the end result turned out so much better than any of the dressers I picked and is so much more her personality than mine.

Wood Growth Chart / Prince Lionheart Rocking Horse

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