The bathrooms are done! Yay! It’s still so hard to believe they are finally done and we can enjoy them. No more running downstairs to the basement for midnight potty runs! We are so thankful to Laurel builders for turning our designs into reality. They were amazing to work with! I thought I would show you the main bath first because to me that is really the biggest change. We didn’t get too fancy with this bathroom or really either one. I tend to like to keep the things in a house that are difficult to change more simple and versatile. Then I can change up my color schemes as I feel with accessories. I love all the fun patterned tile and wallpaper out there but I just don’t think I could commit to one for a long period of time.

I used to watch those house hunter shows and get so annoyed when the couple would complain about how small their bathroom was and they just NEEDED a new house. After using ours I finally understood. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful just to have a main bathroom but there was definitely some poor planning that went on there. Our biggest challenge was to make it feel as spacious as possible without changing the square footage at all. To do that we took down the wall that divided the shower and replaced it with glass doors. Because of this we also had to move the plumbing which made more sense with the size of the shower. We were always having to stand in there sideways, it felt so crammed! It seems so much larger now and we actually cut down the size of the shower by 6″ so that we didn’t have to pay for a custom size shower pan.

We also opted for a wall mounted sink. I felt the sacrifice on storage was worth it to get a little more space. We ended up making up for it with the wall to wall medicine cabinets. Anything that is too large to fit in the cabinets then gets stored in a basket under the sink.

Medicine Cabinets / Wall Mount Faucet / Shower Fixtures / Shower Pan / Bath Towels 

Another huge space saver was turning the door into a pocket door. This was something I thought we could wait to do to save money but Nate talked me into doing it now while we were already making the mess. Man I am so glad we did it, it makes such a huge difference!

I think Nate and I’s favorite thing though is the under and overhead LED light strips on the medicine cabinet. We have something similar in our old loft that was made with rope lights and we always loved it. It makes such a dramatic difference and I tend to leave it on all day 😬

Heres some more fun shots of the final project:

Floor Tile / Wall Mount Sink / Toilet / Paint Benjamin Moore White Dove 

4 x 16 Matte White Subway Tile 

Marble Tank Tray / Mini Succulents / Jacks Ring Holder / Beard Brush 

I will post more on our kids’ bath next time and will include the budget for the whole project with a breakdown.

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