Hooray! Hooray! We are finally done with this kitchen! Well except for the details of course. There are still some things like dining chairs that we are waiting on. But I didn’t want to wait any longer to share it with you because we are so excited! Nate and I keep talking about how adult we feel with our new kitchen 😆 Isn’t it funny how you can be in your thirties and still not quite feel like a legit adult? Well things are getting serious around here, we are full on adulting! We even own a lawn mower. Crazy I know.

Schoolhouse Pendants / Bludot Barstools

The whole process was so great and so crazy all rolled into one. I did so much pre-planning that it was fun to finally dig in and make it a reality! Not to mention we have the greatest contractor who made this so much less stressful than it could have been. I feel like that has been the most important thing and worth the extra money to make sure you are working with a quality company.

Kitchenaid Oven / Nemo Tile – Dandelion

Elkay undermount sink / Delta Faucet

Not everything has been all sunshine and rainbows as I’m sure you have heard from other remodelers living through their renovation. We came into this psyched up to have a good attitude and not let it stop us from allowing our home to be a place where people feel welcome. SO much easier said than done! You can have the best attitude in the world and things are just nuts and not very livable or safe to have people over. We did still manage to have a Fourth of July party and a few photoshoots in the meantime!

As we neared the homestretch we could feel the renovation really wearing on us all, especially the kids. You can never really relax when you have to be ready for random workers to show up at your home at any time, not to mention they have a key to pop right in! 😬 We were able to take a much needed trip to visit my family in South Dakota. Once we got back things really started to fly together and before we could even blink it was finished! Its crazy how much of the renovation seems like nothing is happening because they are laying the foundation before we get to see any of the fun stuff.

Cookbook Manzoni Wooden Hardware

It feels so good to be done and have our lives back! We are getting back to a normal schedule and having all of our kitchen stuff in one place 🙌 I can’t forget the sweet moments though that popped up despite the crazy. The girls actually were sleeping in our room for over a month. They usually sleep in bunkbeds but they were sharing a futon at the bottom of our bed. My favorite thing was waking up in the morning to them snuggling each other in their sleep 😍

Target Stoneware / Target Vase / Terrazzo Planter / Magnolia Table Cookbook

Rejuventation Rug / Dining Chairs

I wouldn’t say that we are completely finished. I think it takes time to really feel out what works and what doesn’t. I want to take my time styling and restyling the shelves and enjoy the process of finding the right planters or plants. But for now this is it and we will definitely take you along on the ride of how it changes and progresses with our fam ❤️

Let me know if you have any questions or want more in depth information on the remodel that I could cover in a future post!

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