We officially scheduled our remodel with our contractor, things are starting to get real! I am so excited to get this show on the road. We had originally planned to renovate the kitchen right away after moving in. Instead we ended up having to fix drainage issues in our back yard, still important but definitely not as fun! We were then left with no budget for kitchen. So here we are almost 2 years later finally ready for a fresh new kitchen!! To say that I have been doing a little planning and prepping up until now would be an understatement, just ask Nate 🙀 If you follow me on instagram you have seen me sketching out the kitchen… and then re-sketching out the kitchen. I may be on the third draft 😬 After a LOT of back and forth we are finally making some progress. It just feels like such big decisions and so permanent! Here is my mood board of where I’m at right now. There are still 4 months left though so I can’t make any guarantees 😆


         Nemo Tile / Tiered Pendant / Hourglass Pendant / Mid-century Clock           Kitchenaid Appliances / Seagrass Barstool  / Single Bowl Sink / Delta Faucet

As you can see we are still deciding on a couple of things like the pendant lights. Some things I just need to see in person so we might just have to order some and try them out. The thing I’m struggling with right now is door hardware. Up until now I really wanted it to be as clean as possible with no hardware. But the more I think about it, I just don’t know how I feel about the push button opening and how well it would hold up. Also I have been seeing some great examples out there that have me drooling over hardware. So now I need your opinions! The first option would be a matte black that would match the legs on the barstools as well as the pendants. But I’m not sure if I want the hardware to stand out that much.

Curated Interiors


Schoolhouse Electric

The other option would be a brass handle that would match with the faucet. I love the idea of mixing metals since I tend to decorate with a variety as well. I also love how the brass blends with the tone of the cabinets that I am wanting. Leave it to Joanna Gaines to do a Mid-century remodel on Fixer Upper that has me drooling! I love these cabinets! 😍

Magnolia Homes

Schoolhouse Electric


Or what about wood? Gahhhhhhh! Help!


Let me know what you think! I need some advice from people who have some experience with this. Favorite combos? Handles that hold up better than others? I may just end up ordering one of each so I can obsess over them in person, ha!

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