Girls' Bathroom Refresh

Girls' Bathroom Refresh

After updating the website and seeing all the old photos of our bathroom remodel I realized that it had been a good 7 years since we did it. Which means that it has also been a good 7 years since we have painted and it was badly in need of a new paint job. So I figured it was a good time to add a little color and a few fixture changes on a tight budget. 

Even after so much painting I still get nervous picking colors! I decided to color match the shower curtain and leaned on the lighter side of my swatches. I have a Benjamin Moore Classic Colors swatch deck that I use a ton to try and find the best match. I don't always use Benjamin Moore paint but its a great way to start and most places can color match for you. I was so happy with this Glazed Green from Benjamin Moore, it may be my new favorite! I am now dreaming of other ways to use it, possibly the Airstream? 

Towel Holder / Hand Towel / Drawer Handles / Bathtub Tray

Of course I had to swap out some of the handles on the vanity for my fav Manzoni Hardware wood handles. I think I have them on just about every piece of cabinetry we have now. These were leftover from the Airstream, they are slightly lighter than the cabinet but I kind of like the contrast.

Toilet paper holder / waffle towel / shower curtain / towel hook

I still wasn't feeling like I had sufficiently added enough color so I splurged on a new toilet paper holder and hand towel hook in my favorite happy yellow. Last but not least a Vista piece for my girls 💛

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