When moving into a house from an apartment it feels like the amount of furniture you are lacking to fill your home is endless. As much as I would love to show a finished room, with all of the ideas and pieces I dreamed of including, it just isn’t realistic. In order to save for the big renovations we have cut back in other areas. Which means home decor isn’t a priority. Instead we are working with what we have to get to a point that I am calling “Finished For Now”. But I’m finding I actually feel good about it, there is something great about taking time to live in each space and purposefully collect over time instead of instantly having a new room.

With that being said I wanted to show you one of these “finished for now” rooms, our main bedroom! Even though buying furniture for our bedroom is not a priority, making it a cozy space for us to feel at home in is. The biggest thing in this room was the paint. We started by repainting all the walls, as well as the trim and closets in Benjamin Moore White Dove. It made such a huge difference painting the trim because this room tends to feel really dark.

Here is the room as the previous owners had it. Even though it is a large room, the closets and windows really limit the options for furniture arrangement.

We ended up doing a similar arrangement as the previous owners. There really is only one spot for the bed which doesn’t leave a lot of room for bedside tables. We ended up using shelves instead and I love them! We don’t have a huge need for storing stuff and the times that we do we have the dresser and vanity as backup.

Bedside Lamp / IKEA shelf / West Elm Curtains

Wall art is always the last thing that I worry about because I have such a hard time deciding what to put up. I don’t want it to be just random art that matches the decor, I want it to be meaningful. Everything we put in our bedroom we made ourselves. This one of the date of our anniversary is one of my favs because it is so simple that anyone can make it. The font I used is Avant Garde CE and I did a single run print from I also really love the silly pics of our girls. We tried to pick photos that reflected their personalities right now.

Since our main bathroom is on the small side there is a real lack of space for getting ready in the mornings. Instead of having us both cram into one area we created a vanity area right outside of the bathroom. The basket underneath is a great catch-all for curling irons and blow dryers when not being used.

Vanity / Mirror / Basket

This last area was an easy fix. With this little niche we just replaced the knobs on the dresser and pulled off the old nasty mirror that was there. We also replaced the plastic on this recessed light. It is seriously amazing what small changes and a coat of paint can do to a room.

Drawer Knobs / Vase

Side Chair / Rug

There are still things I want to change and add but I know its not something I plan on doing for a long time. By the time I get to it I’m sure I will have changed my mind! But for now I’m calling it finished. 😃🙌

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