In a recent post I mentioned my style has been changing these days and I may be moving over to the dark side 🖤 Normally I’m all about painting everything a crisp white, adding in neutral tones and textures and clean mid-century lined furniture. After venturing out and painting one wall a dark navy/black in our office, I caught the bug. One wall has turned into three and now its got me wanting more! I have already started painting our master bedroom wall and now its creeping into my plans for our kitchen remodel 😬 Give me some black, wood tones, maybe a sheepskin or two and a little rattan and I’m a happy gal 😍

I am aware that once you head into kitchen territory things are a little more permanent. Since we will be gutting our current kitchen I decided to have a little fun and start painting things to see how it feels. So far I have just done the backsplash but I already love it! Here is a little before and after.




I have also been on the search for moody kitchen inspiration. Here is what I’m obsessing over right now.

Designed by Finnish interior architect and designer Joanna Laajisto


Architect Gerry Smith  / Photography Samuel Morgan Photography.


Amy Lau Design

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