If you follow our Instagram you know that we are in the middle of remodeling both our main bath and kids’ bath. It has been such a fun process of finally getting rid of the mold in the girls bathroom and seeing some of our plans for this house come to life. Its funny how the things that I thought would be the easiest to decide on ended up being the hardest. For the life of me I could not decide on a mirror and lighting for both bathrooms!

So we are four weeks in now and its at the point where it is feeling like a bathroom again and not a hole in our house. So of course I am starting to get ancy for it to be done, I’m not too good at being patient 😁. But also the whole remodeling process is finally starting to wear on us all. No matter how much any of us try to clean or organize it ends up just being a constant state of chaos. It has been fine for awhile but now it is just making life in general feel chaotic. This is when I go back to thinking remodeling before moving in or just finding a house that didn’t need work would have been preferable.

Those decisions in the short term would have been ideal but wouldn’t have resulted in something we would really love. I don’t think we would have ever been happy in a place filled with someone else’s decisions for everything. It just wouldn’t have been us or felt like ours. I always think when something is right there is a sort of familiarity with it almost like deja vu when you see it. I definitely did not feel that way when we bought this house. Every small change we make I am starting to see the house our kids are going to grow up in.

I also think that if we had made all of these decisions before we moved into the house and actually lived in it we would have regretted some of the choices we made. I have already changed my idea for the kitchen layout twice since we bought it! Nate and I always joke about this saying that we read in a book about letting the house tell you what changes you need to make. It seemed like such a hippie thing to say but I’m thinking there is some truth there!

So now we suck it up and remain in the chaos for a couple more weeks and be thankful that we are able to do this. Now I have to get my butt back to painting!

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